Last Minute Deadlines

As a brief diversion from the pieces I'm doing for my show with Object Fetish, I hurriedly finished a piece for Cheongju and a local show for the Iowa Metals Guild.

Par Lobbe (brooches) composite and epoxy resin, fabricated copper, paint, mixed media, dye
largest brooch dimension--8" x 4" x 2.75"

Asprutan (brooch) composite and epoxy resin, copper, paint



Minus Rooty, who already sold to Jennifer Culp on Etsy, and the batch at White Rabbit, this is the giant pile. It's very satisfying.

Just sent 10 to the Mutter Museum in Philadelphia this morning. Now what to do with the rest...


And Another Batch

I've finally started putting more of these up on Etsy. I need to get back to work on larger pieces for the Object Fetish show in August.

It's fun to pile all of them together. They sound like fake plastic beach pebbles.


Another Clutch of Little Beasts

Soon these will be sorted into those going to the Mutter Museum and those going onto Etsy. There's still one last batch that's almost finished. I'd like to wait to divvy them up just so that I can have one giant pile picture.


Some New Old Things

Some things recently came home in the mail that I never had a chance to shoot. Although I finished these back in Feb., I hardly had a chance to look at them before they were gone to the Metal Museum Gift Shop.

All of them started as weird cedar eggs I bought from Granny's oh so long ago. After some lackluster whittling, they got copper doo-dads that were all painted and resin-ed up attached. Oh, and lots of layered painting.

Initially I put these on Etsy, but they've now been earmarked for my show in August on Object Fetish. A sucking vortex has begun.



So I've dropped off some of the new little nuggets at White Rabbit here in Iowa City and took home some nuggets that just couldn't get adopted. I've put them on Etsy in the hope of sending them off somewhere.

Now back to the rest of the little beast army. There are still about 40 more that I need to finish.


Time Thieves.

My attempts at jumping in to the Gallery Walk were in vain. I think I'm officially giving up on local venues outside of White Rabbit. On the plus side--a bunch of my new little guys will be showing up there soon and it should be the pick of the litter.

But I did put these three up on my Etsy site because I just couldn't wait!

And yay for Young Joo coming over and cheering me up after my meeting with a time thief.

First Finished Batch of Mini-Beasts!

They'll start adding up now....

But I'm running out of catches for the pins!

If a meeting this afternoon goes well, these might be on the gallery walk this Friday here in Iowa City. Updates on that later.

New Piece

I thought I'd manage to squeeze this one out before the conference, but no such luck. Finally had time to finish him up in between working on the beast army. A batch of them will be done later today by the way.

This piece doesn't have a name yet, but something about yellow summer squash. But I'll see where my etymological trolling takes me.

The largest pendant/brooch form is about 12" x 2.5" x 2"


Printing on the Beasts

I decided to do some printing on this batch--I had a smart plate already made that would work.

This batch has some with epoxy resin, some not. So there are painted details and printing on some, but not all the way there yet. My hands get wiggly if I don't have tea in the afternoon so I had to take a break.

Here's a close up showing the box my unfinished swap element came in. I'm sorry Liz! I'll get to it soon, I promise! Oh, and there's the big pink beast in the corner keeping watch over things.

Some loners.