So long!

I'm taking off for the Metal Museum today!

The reception is tomorrow night from 6-8pm. If you're in the area, stop by!


Less Than a Week!

"-Osis," (brooch) 2008

"Drupe," (pendant/brooch) 2009

"Cordyceps," (brooch) 2009

"Tentaculum," (brooch) 2009

"Porphyr," (brooch) 2007

"Epiphytic Capsularis," (brooch) 2009

"Lumen," (brooch) 2007

"Meioun," (pendant) 2008

"Gleba," (pendant) 2008

"Calabaza," (pendant) 2008

"Neckslug," (wall sculpture) 2007

"Telophase," (sculpture) 2007

"Vivis Indehiscent," (sculpture) 2007

"Nudus Brankhia," (sculpture) 2008

"Angeion Morphos," (sculpture) 2008

Next Thursday I take off for Memphis to go to the National Ornamental Metal Museum for my first bonafide solo show! I thought it would be good to include all the work I'll be showing to give people a sneak peak.

More information about the materials/scale at my website.


New Things

Polyurethane foam, epoxy resin, paint.
Polyurethane foam, epoxy resin, paint.
Polyurethane foam, epoxy resin, paint.
Polyurethane foam, epoxy resin, paint.

electroformed copper, epoxy resin, paint, ink
Polyurethane foam, epoxy resin, paint.
Polyurethane foam, epoxy resin, paint.
Polyurethane foam, epoxy resin, paint.

All at

I'm very ready to work on some larger, more complex pieces now. I've spent the last few weeks working on quicker pieces that I might be able to sell. I'm starting the foam for a more elaborate neck piece. I'm hoping to apply the composite resin soon and get it moving along to the fun part.


Printing and Other Things

Tony got a lens for close ups. He's been doing a lot of this. It's a close up of one of the new foam/resin constructions I'm doing for Object Fetish.

I was planning on doing a step-by-step of printing with Smart Plates. Here's some ink.

Here's a plate with text before being cut down.

Here's the magic toothpaste and water mixture that helps prepare the Smart Plate. And that's when the camera died because of that new lens...Tony has been taking a lot of pictures. So the next time I have things to print, we'll try this again.

This one looks extremely unsettling at this proximity.


Applying Resin

A coating of resin applied to both recent electroformed nuggets and a few foam pieces I'm working on. This is a view from above the contraption I rig up for them to drip on.

Layered paint and resin that has been sanded--eventually a brooch.

And another foam piece that will become a brooch.

The two electroformed and painted pieces getting their resin.

If I can maintain my patience, I'll print on some of them. They don't have as much room for me to play around in.

Next I'll try and work on some foam pendant forms. The way I've been building them, they've lent themselves to brooches. I'd like to play with pendant/neck pieces in this speed and scale next.


I'm hoping this blog will be a way for me to share processes with makers/collectors/interested parties in more detail. I've only posted finished pieces in the past, but I'd like to start keeping track of things as they come along.

These initial images are of extruded foam pieces with their early coatings of paint and epoxy resin. I will continue to add layers or paint details until I feel they're either done or junk.

I'm also working on some of the older electroformed pieces I had around the studio. I was motivated to resolve some of them because I'm having a show at the National Ornamental Metal Museum this month. I needed more pieces that were predominantly made of metal, and without the means to make new pieces I had to find ways of using old ones instead. Now I'm enjoying working with them and using some of the smaller ones for potential listings on Object Fetish.

These are painted, but have not yet been coated in resin. These are part of a group of electroformed copper pieces that I'm painting, coating in resin, and printing on.

And a sample of how messy my bench gets. I keep saying I'll clean it up, but then I come up with more things to work on instead. I need more shelves/work benches...but then I would probably just spread out farther.