Less Than a Week!

"-Osis," (brooch) 2008

"Drupe," (pendant/brooch) 2009

"Cordyceps," (brooch) 2009

"Tentaculum," (brooch) 2009

"Porphyr," (brooch) 2007

"Epiphytic Capsularis," (brooch) 2009

"Lumen," (brooch) 2007

"Meioun," (pendant) 2008

"Gleba," (pendant) 2008

"Calabaza," (pendant) 2008

"Neckslug," (wall sculpture) 2007

"Telophase," (sculpture) 2007

"Vivis Indehiscent," (sculpture) 2007

"Nudus Brankhia," (sculpture) 2008

"Angeion Morphos," (sculpture) 2008

Next Thursday I take off for Memphis to go to the National Ornamental Metal Museum for my first bonafide solo show! I thought it would be good to include all the work I'll be showing to give people a sneak peak.

More information about the materials/scale at my website.

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