Moving Along

Things have fallen together for the Object Fetish show Creatura: A Thing Created.

Leo at Klimt02 just posted the show announcement, so much thanks to his hard work on that.

The show will officially be up August 1st!

In the meantime, I've started adding some older sculptural pieces to Etsy. I need to empty some space downstairs--it's getting out of hand.


Almost There

Things are finally wrapping up with the show for Object Fetish. I'd like to say I'm bummed my piece didn't get into Cheongju, but now that I can add it to the tally for this show I'll have a less hectic week.

The interior of the hollow piece. You can just see what's happening inside while the resin runs out.

My strange polymer clay experiment--the red forms are clay that has been painted and coated in epoxy resin. The yellow form is fabricated copper that has been painted. Next comes sanding, oxidizing, and assembly.

The horn had some interior things I didn't like at the cross section so they were ground out yesterday. Another layer of epoxy resin, and then I'll redo some things.

This giant d-nut is starting to grow on me. The chrome on chrome painted surface was a satisfying discovery of the last couple of days.

This piece is in the grinding phase while layers of paint and epoxy resin are exposed. It looks a little chalky from the dust, but the layers will show more clearly once it's finished. Still a little bit to go with the pattern.


Continuing to work on Show II

More things coming along for the Object Fetish show.

A large extruded foam piece. I'm attempting to do a more complex piece with it. I've typically used the extruded foam for quicker, less detailed things.

And a new carved foam piece that rests on the shoulder and has a sort of amputated/vivisected thing happening on the front. It needs aquaresin and a lot more.

So far this is going well. The interior has layered colors and it's first layer of epoxy resin as well. Still working on what will occupy the void.

Front and back of electroformed piece. It's been painted, but not sanded. The next steps involve wet sanding, oxidizing the exposed copper, and printing on the "labels" so still a bit of work to go before finished.


Continuing to work on Show

I've started spreading around info. for my upcoming online show with Object Fetish.

"Creatura--A Thing Created" It will be comprised of 20 pieces--all work completed this year.

Here are some of the pieces I'm finishing up still. On the plus side with it being an online show, I have more time because nothing has to be shipped!

Here are two pieces with aqua resin applied. Still a lot of layers to go. Both are experiments to a degree. I have not tried to do larger, more complex pieces with extruded foam as a base rather than carved foam.

Another sort of experiment. This form has had the supporting foam removed, so it will be interesting to see how I sort everything out with the final piece.

Two forms with epoxy resin layers growing.

A lingering electroformed piece with some fabricated elements. I'm trying something I did with a wall piece--fabricated "labels" that will be printed on rather than printing directly on the surface. The interior is painted, but that's all so far. It looks strange in all white.

The front, only primed so far.