Continuing to work on Show

I've started spreading around info. for my upcoming online show with Object Fetish.

"Creatura--A Thing Created" It will be comprised of 20 pieces--all work completed this year.

Here are some of the pieces I'm finishing up still. On the plus side with it being an online show, I have more time because nothing has to be shipped!

Here are two pieces with aqua resin applied. Still a lot of layers to go. Both are experiments to a degree. I have not tried to do larger, more complex pieces with extruded foam as a base rather than carved foam.

Another sort of experiment. This form has had the supporting foam removed, so it will be interesting to see how I sort everything out with the final piece.

Two forms with epoxy resin layers growing.

A lingering electroformed piece with some fabricated elements. I'm trying something I did with a wall piece--fabricated "labels" that will be printed on rather than printing directly on the surface. The interior is painted, but that's all so far. It looks strange in all white.

The front, only primed so far.


  1. Dude! Its great to see these "in process" photos. Great work. Unfortunately I will be in an internet black hole at Penland during your online deal. Its looking great though.

  2. Thanks--I'll try and keep doing the in progress pictures. It's a good motivator, and it saves me time when I try and explain processes.

    And congratulations on the Penland gig! It's a very cool place, and I hope I'll be lucky enough to visit someday!