Almost There

Things are finally wrapping up with the show for Object Fetish. I'd like to say I'm bummed my piece didn't get into Cheongju, but now that I can add it to the tally for this show I'll have a less hectic week.

The interior of the hollow piece. You can just see what's happening inside while the resin runs out.

My strange polymer clay experiment--the red forms are clay that has been painted and coated in epoxy resin. The yellow form is fabricated copper that has been painted. Next comes sanding, oxidizing, and assembly.

The horn had some interior things I didn't like at the cross section so they were ground out yesterday. Another layer of epoxy resin, and then I'll redo some things.

This giant d-nut is starting to grow on me. The chrome on chrome painted surface was a satisfying discovery of the last couple of days.

This piece is in the grinding phase while layers of paint and epoxy resin are exposed. It looks a little chalky from the dust, but the layers will show more clearly once it's finished. Still a little bit to go with the pattern.


  1. i really like where these are going. how did you enjoy working with the clay? i feel like it opens up a lot of interesting ideas in for form and color. and the under texture/color of the bottom image is very inspiring. cant wait to see how these finish.

    keep kicking ass. you're a huge inspiration.

  2. Well the color on the clay is paint...I'm just using it for form right now. I have a lot of random colors that aren't suited for what I want anyway. But it is very accessible. Right now I'm using it the way I was using wood once for smaller carved elements. But the clay is much faster to form and sand. I'm thinking it works pretty well for what I want--smaller, detailed elements.