Blogging for Crafthaus

I've been fortunate to have been offered the opportunity to blog the SNAG Conference this year for Crafthaus! I'll continue to post work images and other information here, but my blog at Crafthaus will relate specifically to the conference, interviews, and maybe some videos of me panhandling to raise money to make it to Houston.

Check it out here!


Lots of Little Trifles

Making wall pieces with my extra resin dribbles has proven a good way to use up surplus resin and a fun way to make a surface to play with.

"Pink Zoom" wall piece, mixed media

"Space Fruit" ring

"Orange Ring with Growths"

"Cut Red Horn" ring

"Blue Branch" ring

Busy stocking up everything on Etsy.

Also getting ready for a possible Valentine's Show in town. We'll see if everything comes together!



Finally finished my minis for "Charmed" at the Store for Society for Contemporary Craft.

There was a fifth, but he fell on the floor when he was still gooey and ended up covered in filth. I can save him, but not in time to express mail these babies in time!


"Play" interview

Tomorrow (Sunday) at 1pm you can catch an interview of me, Terry Rathje, Steve Banks, and Susan Czechowski on "Art Talks" hosted by Bruce Carter on WVIK 90.3FM--a local NPR affiliate in the Quad Cities.

We talk about our work, the theme "Play", and how we interpreted it for the show.

If you don't live in the Quad Cities area, you can stream the show live.

And if you miss it, it'll be posted online and free to listen whenever you like!

The reception for "Play" is Friday, January 15th from 7-9pm at Quad City Arts, Rock Island!


Polymer Clay

I will openly confess to often finding polymer clay to be totally lame. But recently I've returned to an old stash of it to see if I could salvage something interesting. It's become a good replacement as a form-building foundation in the same way foam has been. However, I'm able to get more definition in the form on a smaller scale. Here are some new rings and a pair of earrings that are early attempts. The other batch of rings disappeared between two local craft events. These are on Etsy with more trickling in, destined for other locales.

polymer clay, fabricated copper, paint, epoxy resin

size 8

1.5" x 1.25" x .75"

polymer clay, fabricated copper, paint, epoxy resin

size 7

1.5" x 1" x .75"

fabricated copper, epoxy resin, beet powder, paint (okay, not polymer clay--an old epoxy resin nugget that had been forgotten and then sucked into this ring-making frenzy)

size 8.5

1.5" x 1" x 1"

earrings made from polymer clay mixed with carborundum, layers of epoxy resin and paint

stainless steel ear wires

2.25" x .25" x .25

If you've always loved polymer clay, with it's inherit ability to render alien heads, magic mushrooms, and dolphins then I offer you my deepest of apologies. My next ring will most assuredly feature an alien riding a dolphin riding magic mushrooms.