More images to come soon. These are part of a new experiment to use polymer clay instead of foam/aqua-resin for smaller, more detailed pieces. I've got a lot of local sales coming up, and hadn't made any rings in a long time. I'm hoping they disappear quickly, but if not then they'll show up soon on Etsy.



I've been too busy lately!

Juggling several projects right now. Making tons of ornaments for Velvet da Vinci's holiday crowd. Below are various types I'm working on.

Painted/sanded/oxidized tolling copper.

Strange space d-nuts for your XMAS. Or for whatever, I won't judge you.

(There's a ring tucked up in the top left corner, second image. We'll talk more about him later!)

And I've finally gotten things to Friends of Carlotta gallery in Zurich. I am forever in debt to Bruna Hauert who bravely battled customs so that she could take my work to Blickfang!