Continuing to work on Show II

More things coming along for the Object Fetish show.

A large extruded foam piece. I'm attempting to do a more complex piece with it. I've typically used the extruded foam for quicker, less detailed things.

And a new carved foam piece that rests on the shoulder and has a sort of amputated/vivisected thing happening on the front. It needs aquaresin and a lot more.

So far this is going well. The interior has layered colors and it's first layer of epoxy resin as well. Still working on what will occupy the void.

Front and back of electroformed piece. It's been painted, but not sanded. The next steps involve wet sanding, oxidizing the exposed copper, and printing on the "labels" so still a bit of work to go before finished.

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  1. The "amputated" form is a great mystery to look at. Best of luck on your show.