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Sorry if these images are a little wonky--I'm trying to get used to using our laptop given that it will be my sole device for blogging from the SNAG Conference. Still some bugs to work out, but maybe darkened hotel rooms will serve my purposes better than a sun (and cat) filled home office.

Some new pieces added to Etsy today. I've culled some personal favorites from my large batch of Swap Pins and traded some things around. A few little guys that were languishing on Etsy have been put into the Swap pool to offset things. Forgive me, but I need the income if I'm going to make it through the conference without panhandling.

Also some changes to my Etsy shop policies. I'll now be accepting Personal Checks and Money Orders given that they arrive and clear first. As with Paypal, nothing gets boxed up until payment because I just plain can't afford it otherwise!

Also, I'll be changing pricing starting March 7th (one week.) My Etsy shop has always been based on my wholesale prices, and I've gotten a lot of heart-to-heart talks from gallery owners, collectors, and friends who have all told me my prices are too cheap. This has always been a problem for me--my inner socialist needs therapy to cope with what I do for a living. I also hate to make work that is out of the realm of possibility for myself and my friends.

But it isn't fair for the galleries and shops that represent me for my work to be available at wholesale prices to the public. I don't know if this is something that has been widely addressed since the advent of Etsy, but there is an inherent conflict between gallery representation and individual representation if the prices are disparate.

This means that in one week, my Etsy shop will switch to retail pricing. I know it's kind of a bummer, but it's long overdue. So you have one week to buy everything cheap and help me get my bills paid!

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