SNAG Seattle 2011

I've recovered (mostly) from SNAG. This was the longest I've ever stayed at the conference, arriving a day early and leaving in the early evening the day after the party. I thought waking up in the hotel on Thursday morning that I would be rested and prepared. Everyone else flew in haggard having been stranded in airports, coping with canceled flights, or not making it at all. Somehow the conference still got the best of me, and as I tried to juggle the blog for Crafthaus, various meetings with friends, the Trunk Show, and the Pop Up Promenade, I lost my mind. Without enough sleep and under duress I become a shambling, squawking, senile version of myself.

I saw a fraction of what I'd hoped to in Seattle and a fraction of the conference as well. It is impossible to be all things to everyone, including myself. The homestead is rough around the edges, there are weeds to pull, pies to bake, and cat hair to vacuum before a family visit. Thankfully the Trunk Show went well enough that I can take care of some of these things without having to dance for nickels until fall.

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