Winter in Iowa is not the ideal time to work in my basement studio. However this freakish weather is making it more tolerable than normal. I just have to suppress my anxieties about how this will translate into the gardening season...

In less than a month I'll be trying my hand at INDULGE, a four day orgy of jewelry selling. I'm qualifying this event as my first real foray into the world of the high-end craft sale. The SNAG Trunk Show was a 2 hour scrum without the pretense of displays, charm, or dignity. It was perfect. My local favorite "What a Load of Craft" show affords a low financial investment--I show up and spend a day with my local Iowa Citians.

INDULGE will be different...plane tickets, major entry fees, and a lot of staying power along with an optimistic inventory. Though the price is comparatively low in the scheme of things, it's a tall order for this art hermit. So I'm working on new bits and pieces.

Yes, that's polymer clay. I'm as baffled as you are. Don't worry, lots to add.

And look at this disaster of a bench. I had dreams of cleaning and organizing...until my calendar reminded me that I have less than a month.

INDULGE takes place at the Bellevue Art Museum from February 8th through 12th.


  1. Please tell me you'll put some of these new bits on your Etsy site!


  2. I will, but not until after INDULGE. Because I've never done a multi-day sale I'm trying to get as much inventory hoarded up as I possibly can...