It's Here!

Not only did I receive this amazing neckpiece in my swap with Lana, she also wrapped it beautifully and added some tea and a nougat!

The whole swap process was very fun, and I plan to do it again soon. With the economy as crappy as it is, we should all at least have a little fun with the merchandise that sits around instead of letting it go nowhere. And how fun is it that two artists in separate countries can have a dialog online that leads to such a meaningful exchange?


  1. hello i`m a reader of the swap blog. when you have another piece to swap you can make it a little more menlike, because pink is not my color ;-)
    black or so ;-) then i want to swap with you ;-)

    greets pascal

  2. dear pascal,

    real men wear pink.

    the end,

  3. We are so happy you've had great experience swapping :)
    Come back again with new swap-items.

    JuliAni & Uloni

  4. I am so happy about the swap!
    This brooch is great!
    I love the shiny surface and unusual organic form:

    Thank you!