Proof I'm Not Dead

In my disaster of a studio, wearing "Hairy Friend J" by Satomi Kawai.

I've been very lucky to receive a metaphorical life raft in the form of work for the last few weeks as a studio assistant for a good friend and seasonal resident of Iowa City. He's been saving me a little every summer in some way or another with odd jobs, and this year he arrived just in time as I'd hit a rough patch. I don't know about you, but sales have been slower than the molasses I make my swamp drink with in the morning.

With all of this business I've lost the thread of what I was doing for a little while so I'd like to

I've been very lucky to get to play with the electroformer at the University again. It was destroyed in the flood two years ago, just as I was graduating. I've started off with some small test pieces to experiment with the new wax mix and to get back into the motions of working that way.

Here they are ready to go.

And here's the first batch I've gotten back. I've already been zooming along with them in the little windows of time I've gotten, but bonafide bill-paying work has come first. At least my current "day job" involves hand sewing gratuitous amounts of hankies for my vagabond artist friend.

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