I owe Stephanie Tomczak a double-thank you, both for the image above and for the many rides to the Bellevue Art Museum. Also, I stayed with a wonderful museum docent at her family. Since I don't want hobos marking their home, I'll keep them anonymous. But they were wonderful, and it was the perfect place to curl up and pass out every night. Also, Sally Brock at Fancy Gallery saved my ass with this foam display from her gallery. It was perfect!

I managed to come home without debt, which is the best to hope for at a first bonafide sale/show. I've got a lot to ruminate on. First of all, I don't know how other makers do this to make a living and travel every month. Maybe prozac? Second, I have to make a booklet or video that explains my process to some degree because having to explain for the 1000th time that I don't know dick about glass, and consequently nothing I make has any glass in it, nearly drove me to insanity. Third, I'm raising prices. My inner socialist will have to be mollified, maybe with prozac. I've had one too many lectures/pep talks urging me in this direction, and I'm officially tired of being broke and seeing less time-intensive work sell for much more money.

So as of March 1st, prices are doubling. I'm still queasy over it, but everyone has sworn to me that those of the upper classes will apparently be more interested. And I may begin to claw my way out of the poor house. Which sounds nice.

Now who wants to help me clean my disgusting studio? Seriously, I turned that place into a shit hole before I left.

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