Willful Abundance

I'm trying to resign myself to the fact that I simply have too much to do in a short span of time. My obsessive calendar and list making has reached new levels, and I may soon have a sketch book full of tiny tiles for the days and little thumbnails of my pieces while I try and win at this shell game I've made for myself.

December is a magical month where people will finally give you their money. I'm trying to make the most of this by participating in a local craft show--What a Load of Craft--that's not unlike the Renegade Craftfairs of other locations. It went well last year, so why not try again. And why not try another independent Holiday Sale? And why not participate in a local holiday trunk show at Modela?

So I'm trying to make about a dozen rings at a time.

And earrings...

And finish this commission that looks awfully slurmy and far from finished in this picture...

Oh yeah, and all those big pieces I need for my show in January at ACC!!!

So I'll just be breathing into a paper bag in my studio for the next few months.

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